In a circular economy there is plenty of opportunity for businesses.

So what is your circular business potential?

What is CAT-scan?

CAT-scan is a practical tool to assess companies on their unique potential in a circular economy.


Designed to work for companies that operate in a linear way, the scan maps existing organizational capabilities and translates those into potentials for the business, the value chain, industry and society. 


CAT-scan  results  provide  an  overview  of:


Circular Achievements | Business practices that can be identified as circular. Basically, what you already are doing good.


Circular Hotspots | Focus areas that represent the largest potential to improve from an economic and environmental perspective.


Circular Business Potential | Innovative business opportunities in the form of quick wins and circular business models.

Next Steps | Practical action points to take steps in a circular direction and create impact. 

Results are presented visually and to the point.


CAT-scan  is  designed  for:



A low investment of time and resources from your organization. 


A streamlined process that generates quick results for your organization.


Modular traits that allow the scan to be tailored to the circumtances of your organization.

Identify Your Circular Business Potential


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